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Join CAC, and help end the fight against Hunger and Poverty

Volunteer at CAC

Volunteers are crucial to the work we do here at CAC. CAC has a number of programs run primarily by dedicated volunteers, but we are always looking for more help! Community support is one of the driving forces behind our organization, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of the work of our wonderful volunteers.

Volunteer at CAC - Get Involved


Without the loving and generous support from our donors, CAC would cease to function. CAC relies on donations for the food bank and a number of other programs. If you are interested in contributing to CAC through a monetary donation, please use the "Donate Today" button below and select "CAC Individuals" from the dropdown menu. We appreciate your support! 

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Learn More About Poverty & Hunger Description

Learn About Poverty & Hunger

Curious to know just how prevalent poverty is within the surrounding community? Simply want to know why CAC is so passionate about the work we do? Learn more about poverty in rural appalachia below. Additionally, feel free to email us if you would like to gain an even deeper understanding. We are always glad to help increase awareness, and we believe this is best done through personal interactions.  

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Spread the Word

Want to help out, but don't have the time to come down to CAC? Don’t fret! The simple act of spreading the word about CAC, what we do, and our programs, makes a world of a difference as community support is vital to creating a lasting impact and making tangible steps toward ending poverty and hunger within the community.

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